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lamb filo triangles

June 11, 2008

Filo pastry is one of those products that seem to last forever. No matter how many times I take out a batch of silky smooth rectangles, I never manage to get to the end of the box. After last week’s attempt at a variation on tarte tatin, which mrB said needed more work, I thought it wise to go for a savoury dish. There’s something moreish about moist fillings encased in crisp, buttery parcels. And this time, mrB was more than happy with the results of my baking efforts.

These triangular parcels are filled with a sweet and spicy lamb mixture. The sweet part comes from a handful of chopped dates and the spicy part from a harissa-style paste. If you have some harissa to hand, you can substitute it for the paste.

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on clippings: chickpea patties

April 3, 2008

I have a large envelope stuffed full of recipes that I’ve cut out of magazines over the years. Every now and again, I sift through my collection looking for inspiration on what to cook. Some dishes regularly make appearances at our kitchen table while others get put away for another time.

This particular dish was inspired by a glossy recipe card, sent to me in the post. As it was developed by a company that makes dairy products, the original list of ingredients contained yoghurt. But as I’d already had yoghurt in yesterday’s roast pork wrap, I gave that a miss. However, if you find your patties don’t hold together so well when you’re shaping them, try adding a tablespoon of thick, plain yoghurt to help bind the ingredients.

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