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back to soup: leek and potato

May 7, 2008

mrB had a wisdom tooth out this morning, bless him. He’s not feeling so good and looks a bit like Popeye. Despite the glorious weather, we’re back on soups because mrB is not allowed to eat solid food for a few days. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of vegetables in our veggie box. So it’s leek and potato for lunch and swede soup for dinner.

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the jerusalem artichoke giveaway

March 19, 2008


Last week, River Nene and its sister organic box schemes gave away a free bag of Jerusalem artichokes. Since it was delivered, my bag has been lurking at the back of the vegetable compartment. Probably put at the back on purpose, poor things.

Why did I do this? Well, earlier in the year we had a bad sludge experience with a three root soup. When I say sludge, I mean a bowl full of milky mush. Then, there was the Sunday roast disappointment.


They look so pretty, raw. But the end result wasn’t great because there were too many sharp flavours.

So third time lucky, I thought I’d try another soup, only this time starring just the Jerusalem artichokes. Learning from the previous experience, the milk went in during the cooking, and after the soup was pureed, it was strained. I served it cup-a-soup style, a great way to warm up your hands on a chilly day.

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swede or rutabaga* soup

March 12, 2008


Help! The vegetables are breeding in my fridge! Much as it is a lovely feeling to come home to a box of vegetables tucked away in the car port, sometimes the vegetables do take over. When the box arrives we take it indoors and then crowd around it, peering over it like two small children at the school toy box. Whoops of joy when there’s squashes and mushrooms. Hint, hint, River Nene!

But, by the end of the week there’s usually one or two items that need a bit of a helping hand on their way before the next delivery arrives. This week it’s Mr Swede’s turn. The ones we’ve been getting are not your average supermarket specimens. Oh no, the last beauty took up almost half of one of the vegetable compartments in the fridge. It’s been making an appearance in the form of the usual suspects: carrot and swede mash, beef stew, and the last pieces are destined for this sweet, earthy soup.

* Rutabaga is what Americans call swede. Apparently, it’s the Swedish word for swede. How weird is that?

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